New Safety Procedures and What to Expect from your Visit



To ensure your safety and maintain your wellbeing we have introduced new measures for your visit to our clinic in accordance with the guidance from Public Health England, the Institute of Osteopathy, and expectations of The General Osteopathic Council.

Prior to your Visit

·       We will email a screening questionnaire to all patients prior to their appointment, if face to face treatment is not appropriate, we will discuss an alternative route. 

·       If the osteopath develops any symptoms then you will be contacted to rearrange your face to face appointment, be referred to another Osteopath, or do a virtual appointment, while the osteopath self- isolates. 

·       We recommend that you come to your appointment alone where possible.

·       We are also requesting that you bring a face mask to be worn on arrival to reduce the transmission risk.

On Arrival at the Clinics

·       Please arrive on time for your appointment, we have allowed time between patients to limit the number of people within the centre at one time. 

·       You will be collected from reception at which point we will use a no-contact thermometer to check your temperature. 

·       We will follow the one-way system that has been implemented in the centre to adhere to social distancing. 

·       Hand sanitizer will be provided on arrival as you come up to the treatment room. 

·       For safety, we will be wearing PPE - a face mask, apron, and gloves. 

In the Treatment Room

·       We have removed all linen, towels, and plinth covers from the rooms and replaced the pillowcase with a wipeable pillow. This means that you will be lying on the couch which will just be covered with couch roll. We will not be providing towels at present, so we ask that you bring in shorts or, shorts and a vest top and if you wish to be covered further. 

·       We will be washing our hands with soap and water/ hand sanitizer before and after your treatment.

·       Although we are taking all forms of payment, card payments are preferable.

      Before and after each patient we will be sanitizing the plinth, chair, table, door handles, and any equipment that is out.  

After Your Treatment

 If you have any symptoms of COVID-19 within 5 days of visiting the clinic, please inform the clinic at your earliest opportunity, in order for us to take appropriate measures, which may include having a deep clean, self-isolation, and advising other patients.

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