Our Fees


Initial Consultation  £30 

Allow up to 60 minutes for your first appointment. 
An initial consultation will consist of a full medical case history, examination, and diagnosis at which point your osteopath will discuss a treatment plan with you. 
If treatment is appropriate you will be offered the option to have treatment on the day or book in for a later date which will cost £45. 
If treatment is not required you will be referred to the appropriate health care professional for further care.

Follow-up  £45 

***For returning patients only***

A followup- appointment is 30 minutes and consists of a few questions to see how you are progressing, followed by an examination & assessment to confirm the working diagnosis and appropriate treatment and/or advice.

Sports Massage 

PLEASE NOTE: We recommend that all NEW patients book in for a 60 minute session on your first visit to allow time for us to fill essential forms prior to commencing treatment.

30 Minutes £35

60 Minutes £60

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